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Buy TDS Software - F.Y. 2014-15

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We are proud to announce that as per recent information from Incometax Department, SureTDS has been rated as Best TDS Software for preparing & filing eTDS returns statements for regular and correction returns.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our clients, friends and collegues for their support and faith in us. SureTDS is the most trusted eTDS software

SureTDS Enterprise 2014 - eTDS returns software, is now released to fulfill your TDS return related requirements and simplify the process of TDS returns. SureTDS not only generates accurate and precise regular correction TDS returns but also helps you manage the eTDS returns efficiently. We have made necessary chages in the TDS software to keep you easy with the recent changes in TDS return scheme. These changes include NEW ONLINE SERVICE UTILITY to simplify your tasks for managing TDS returns with ease, Faster& improved import process, faster data restore and backups, Integrated Correction Returns with Consolidated TDS file and last but not the least, FREE DIGITAL SIGNATURE UTILITY for signing TDS Certificates using .PFX file.

With the latest changes notified by the Incometax Department India, it is become imperative that, for filing eTDS returns, we have a TDS software that is scalable, secured, simplified, fast & easier. SureTDS Enterprise is a complete TDS software that will fulfill all your requirements related to eTDS returns and statutory compliance for submitting eTDS retuns online.

Online filing of eTDS returns will be easier than before. Bulk data entry users will find the software much faster and reliable with the new & improved functionality of importing data from Excel and at the same time modifying the excel sheet from within the software.

The highly improved backup and restore process along with the import functions will make the users happy. With the new data import engine, we have reduced the bulk import and data restore from a backup file containing more than 100000 records in less than 3 minutes.

With the new release of SureTDS Enterprise and the latest release of Online service utility, SureTDS is now a complete TDS return filing software. We are sure that Chartered Accountants, Tax Practitioners, Firms, Companies and many small units will find the software more productive and efficient.

Now relax and easily file the eTDS returns even at the last hour. SureTDS Enterprise is capable of virtually generating the eTDS return file with only the few clicks.

SureTDS allows users to prepare any number of TDS returns for unlimited companies. The solution comes integrated with bulk data import functionality to import bulk data within seconds create e-file for submission to NSDL. SureTDS also provides maximum functionality to its users in terms of operating the software with its easy to use and self explanatory menus and interface screens. The software is fully independent of mouse operations. This helps those who are more comfortable using the keyboard for performing most of the operations.

Screen Shots

Click on the following thumbnails to view a larger picture and get a preview of the software.


Online Utility with TRACES integration
Download TDS File, FORM 16/16A & Defaults
Auto download CSI & Auto validate e-returns
Flexible multi-user licensing
10000+ Satisfied companies/users
Trusted TDS software for e-TDS Returns
Unlimited Number of Companies
High Acceptance ratio of e-TDS returns
Superfast Excel Import (upto 10 Lac records)
Multiple import options to choose from
Simple, Accurate & Fast Correction Retuns
FREE Digital Signature Utility
Improved Backup and Restore Data
Consolidated TDS file in Correction Returns
Supports Import from Excel 2007/2010
Quick Service - Live Chat Support Online
Print Challan – Service Tax, Income Tax, TDS, FBT
Supports Form 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ, 27A/B, 16A, 16, 27D, 12BA
PDF Report Generation
Fast and Easy Data Entry
Build on .Net Framework 2.0
Regular updates via internet
Value for money
Customizable, Scalable & Secured